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                               July  2019

Dear friends,

               I have just returned home from my mission to Nicaragua, where I spent two weeks preaching in churches and schools, encouraging Christians to reach their nation for Christ, and proclaiming the Gospel to hundreds of students in the Capitol city of Managua.  I also conducted an all-day men’s conference, during which the Lord moved mightily in many hearts.

               For the past year or more, Nicaragua has been in the midst of a political conflict that turned violent, resulting in hundreds of people being killed.  At present, the situation has stabilized somewhat, but there is still an undercurrent of tension that keeps people on edge.  Their economy has taken a big hit and may take awhile to fully recover.  Many large foreign corporations have left and taken their investments with them.

               Please pray for God to heal the nation of Nicaragua.  Pray that forgiveness and the love of Christ will prevail in every heart.  This was my primary theme and teaching emphasis during the men’s conference.

               As we celebrate the birth of America’s independence this month, let us be committed to being peacemakers here at home, striving to heal the serious divisions in our own nation, by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to everyone we encounter.  Let us fervently pray for a spiritual awakening in the USA.

               Thanks so much for your prayerful and financial support of this ministry.  You are making a wise and eternal investment which will ultimately bring everlasting dividends.  There is nothing more valuable in this world than a soul that Jesus died for.


                                                                                      HIS servant,                                 

                              Terry Veazey



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