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                               April 2019

Dear friends,

               Argentina, the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world, has a population of thirty-seven million people, of whom 92 percent claim to be Roman Catholic, and less than 2 percent are evangelical Christians.  The Argentinian people have become increasingly secular in modern times.  Very few attend any church.  Fewer still claim to have a relevant faith in God at all.

               It is to these people that the Lord Jesus is sending me this month.  I will be stepping into this massive spiritual vacuum, attempting to confront thousands of precious souls with the truth of His Gospel.  

               From April 17 to 30, I am scheduled to evangelize in three key Argentine cities, from north to south.  The cities are Lujan, San Carlos de Bariloche and Rio Gallegos.  Each of these towns has a population of about 100,000 people.  Each town has a dynamic evangelical congregation, with whom I will be working to win souls to Christ.  I will be conducting my newly conceived all-day all-men’s conference, called “MAN ALIVE!” (“HOMBRE VIVO!” in Spanish), during Which I will teach for seven hours on “awakening men to abundant living”, addressing the issues of Fear, UnForgiveness, Fornication and Family Failures.

               We need a strong prayer covering for the ministry in Argentina this month.  Please commit to pray each day, beginning today and continuing to the end of April.  

               And, please give the most generous gift that you possibly can this month, to help cover the great expense of this ministry in Argentina.  It is increasingly expensive to conduct international ministry.  I need your help.

               May the Lord bless you!


                                                                                      HIS servant,                                 

                              Terry Veazey



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