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                               September  2019

Dear friends,

               Fifteen year old Alex was the youngest person attending our recent men’s conference in Nicaragua.  He was struggling with anger towards his father who had deserted him some years ago.  I spoke that day on “The Overcoming Power of Forgiveness”.  During a break, I had the opportunity to put my arm around Alex and pray for him.  He wept as God moved in his heart, giving him the grace to forgive his father.  Later, Alex wrote a precious letter to me, expressing his thanks to God for the victory he won over bitterness and unforgiveness.

               Here in America there are multitudes of men, both young and old, battling with bitterness.  Their unleashed rage is manifested in these murderous rampages that we see increasing throughout our nation.  What is the antidote that will end this insanity?  The solution is not more government regulation.  The answer is found in the Bible.  In II Chronocles 7:14, the Lord tells us that He will “heal our land” if we will humbly pray, seeking His face and turning from our wickedness.

               The Church has always been the key to America’s greatness.  God hears and answers the fervent prayers of His people, as we cry out to Him in faith.  We must do spiritual warfare on our knees in prayer, and we must boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, confronting sin in our culture, walking in purity and the power of the Lord.  This is our only hope for spiritual awakening and nationwide healing.

              Please pray for our “Man Alive!” conferences being held here in the USA as well as abroad.  I am determined, by God’s grace, to be an instrument of righteousness at this crucial time in history.  Let us join together in believing for a true global spiritual awakening.  May God have mercy on our nation and on this entire world.  May our refrain be, ”Lord send a revival, and let it begin in me.”


                                                                                      HIS servant,                                 

                              Terry Veazey



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