Monthly Newsletter

                               June 2018

Dear friends,

                My mission to Indonesia last month was spent ministering in churches and in prisons on the island of Bali.  The Lord touched many hearts with the truth of His Word.  Thanks for praying and for giving to make this possible.

                Two days after my arrival, suicide bombers attacked three Christian churches in the city of Surabaya, a few hundred miles from where I was.  The next day, another bomb exploded in a police station in that same city.  Nearly a dozen people were killed in the four attacks, and many more critically injured.

                We are reminded once again of the fact that we live in a dangerous world, where the hearts of men are sinful and desperately wicked, filled with hate beyond comprehension.  They need the transforming power of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Only HE can change their hearts.

                This summer marks the completion of my 48th year in Gospel ministry.  On June 6, I will be sixty-four years old.  I am committed more than ever to continue proclaiming the Gospel to the ends of the earth, as God allows.  There are billions of people who have not heard for the first time.

                Thanks for standing faithfully with me in this soul-winning ministry.

                                                                                      HIS servant,                                 

                              Terry Veazey



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